About Us

We support gifted authors to help them realise their literary dreams. Representing them right through from original manuscript, to polished, published and promoted books.

We are literary agents specialising in representing talented, passionate children’s authors. Lambs to Lions will work for you and with you on the road to publishing success.

We have a passion for nature and nurture. Our goal is to represent books that will encourage children and adults to respect and value the natural world, through the power of story and enlightenment we will, in our own small way, help preserve all that is beautiful and wonderful in this amazing blue planet we call home.

We also specialise in representing unpublished authors. We understand how tough and frustrating it can be (see example publishing routes on our Get Signed page) trying to get traditionally published.

However, if you believe you have something special and you’re a new author then we want to hear from you.







Who are the people behind Lambs to Lions

Our Team

Tony - The Managing Director

Tony is a published author who has also been through the trials and tribulations of self-publishing. This experience puts him in a perfect position to advise new authors on every step of taking a book from exciting premises to published book.

As a former Primary School Teacher he has a passion for developing people; a priority for any publisher is develop their authors, guiding them through the publishing process. He is a keen naturalist and many of his books are themed around nature, wildlife and the world around him. He is the author of the speculative fantasy fiction novel Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin.

Jake - The CEO

Jake has launched many successful new start up businesses numerous sectors over the past 10 years, but after achieving commercial success he is now following his dreams, and a dream all starts with a story. With a passion for nature and all things that protect the natural world, Lambs to Lions is his next big project that he believes will “Do some good in the world” by sharing powerful, emotive stories about the nature all around us.

Jake has had a rich and varied career that has encapsulated landscape design and build to songwriting for a record label, through to new start-ups.  Jake’s entrepreneurial experience sets him up perfectly to help deliver the Lambs to Lions vision. Jake’s belief is that through the power of story-telling, children, young adults, and adults with imaginations can be reminded of all the things that make us human – the rivers and trees, the oceans and the animals, all connected together. He believes that if we are connected to nature as we were meant to be as a product of nature itself, then we can once again regain our place as enlightened sentient beings capable of living in harmony with the living and breathing world that we are a part of. So it is with this in mind that Jake intends to scour the 4 corners of the earth, searching for authors who can tell the stories that can change the world, and help set humanity on a course that reconnects us with nature.

Jake passionately believes that human health, happiness and wellbeing are all linked to our connectedness to nature, if the planet is polluted, sick and unwell, then so it shall be that humans will also be polluted, sick and unwell, and worst of all, without our natural connection to planet earth, we can never achieve true happiness and contentment. It may seem as if humanity is miles away from being at peace with itself and planet earth, but actually it is only a story or 2 away. “It’s all about the story”

Sam - The Proofreader

Samantha has a degree in English language and has over eight years' experience of proofreading a wide range of documents from novels to university assignments. She is also a qualified primary teacher and runs her own tuition agency called Gold Star Tutors whilst working as a home tutor herself around West Lancashire, supporting primary age pupils with literacy and numeracy.

Paul - The Cover Designer

Paul has lengthy experience in business brand and promotion design. He acts as a cover design consultant for our authors.

Erica - The Photographer

Erica has a degree in Media Practice and does our promotional photography for our social media platforms. Erica was the illustrator for the cover images on Tik Robin and The Krismas Goblin.

Caroline - The Illustrator

Caroline has a degree in Interior design and is a talented artist. She has her own design firm, CA Designs based in Lancashire and whilst her love for interior design is undeniable she finds a way to paint murals and artwork at any opportunity, often incorporating them into her own design schemes. She is our Senior illustrator specialising in illustrations for children's books.