2020 translates in one word for me – gratitude. It was about upheavals, they kept us on track. So many cancellations- it brought us down a peg. No holidays to fly off to- it showed us there are plenty who can never afford to take one. It instilled in us a fear of an acute shortage -food, water, electricity, petrol, gas what if? an awakening of a deep realisation that there are plenty who do without constantly and survive. And most of all the relief of access to health services which has always been taken for granted.
Out of this shift Mother nature got a break. The environment has blossomed, the air we breathe is cleaner, the trees and flowers more vibrant and the skies continue to be bluer.
I think we all got time to reflect on what really matters in life. It continues to be the small free things that give us most happiness. A smile and hug that we miss the most as restrictions are imposed upon us. Good health that we pray and hope for. Home cooked meals that we appreciate. Passions unearthed and new hobbies stumbled upon and everyone can relate to something. Reading a book, picking up the phone or connecting on social media to share their love and sorrows with friends and complete strangers. Living as best as we could through this year.
With that I am thankful for having my health and a warm home to confine within. My kitchen to keep me happy, zoom to share my passion on, unlimited internet to keep entertained and a family who loves me. Friends who appreciate me. Strangers who are happy to chat with me. Goodbye 2020 you have pulled us all out of our slumber.
Perfect as it all sounds it was not “face book” perfect ( no one’s really is ) but am ever so grateful to move on to 2021 with a chance to live a little, positively enjoy and share my life with others, hopeful of good health and abundant sunshine in my life. Happy New Year everyone. Tandarosti bharayla rehjo.
Niloufer Mavalvala
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