Career Competitor – A Podcast Story

In the spring of 2018 I noticed there was an entertainment surge happening that I had never heard of, one that captured my favorite medium of all – storytelling. To first discover that this new genre was available to anyone was great news, but to then discover anyone could do it was the motivation I […]

World Saving Creativity

Something that fascinated me as a Primary School Teacher and School leader was the process of education and its purpose – its true purpose. What are we preparing our children for? How are we doing it? In this blog I’ve posed some questions informed by my experiences in order to explore (sadly not to answer […]

Facebook: To Post or not to Post?

Facebook: To post or not to post? By Craig James Baxter The global coronavirus pandemic has left millions furloughed, working from home or redundant.  With many having more free time on their hands than usual, is there is an opportunity to use Facebook and other social media platforms more than you once did? And with […]

Navroze – A New Day: Persian New Year Recipes

  20th March 2021 Recipes in this blog come from Niloufer Mavalvala’s Award winning book.  It is available from the UK (with free UK Delivery) for £24.99, email the author for orders  It is available internationally from Navroze – A New Day Nav- roze, Navrooz, Nauroz, simply means the dawn of a new […]


This week our Guest Blog comes from author and naturalist, AP Sergeant. Spring has Sprung!  The brimming yellow daffodils, popping white snowdrops and soothing violet crocuses are nature’s sure fire signal that new life simmers and that the world is at last, finally waking. What follows is often the busying of our small birds as […]

The Gift That Softens the Blow

We’ve all had that feeling, whether as children or adults.  January 2nd suddenly appears and the Christmas magic seems to disappear without a trace into the short grey, January days.  We cling onto the festive season for as long as we dare – trees and decorations can often be seen adorning properties well into February.  It is a time […]


Since my book was published I am often asked about where I got my ideas.  Initially it was difficult to give people a concise answer. Tik Robin is a narrative pieced together of various short stories and character profiles that formed in my imagination over a number of years.  The quite common wild creatures that appear all […]