The Gift That Softens the Blow

We’ve all had that feeling, whether as children or adults.  January 2nd suddenly appears and the Christmas magic seems to disappear without a trace into the short grey, January days.  We cling onto the festive season for as long as we dare – trees and decorations can often be seen adorning properties well into February.  It is a time […]

World Saving Creativity

Something that fascinated me as a Primary School Teacher was the process of education and its purpose – its true purpose.  There is a well known experiment conducted by NASA research scientists in 1968.  The task was to give different age groups of people a set of paper clips and ask them to come up with different […]


Since my book was published I am often asked about where I got my ideas.  Initially it was difficult to give people a concise answer. Tik Robin is a narrative pieced together of various short stories and character profiles that formed in my imagination over a number of years.  The quite common wild creatures that appear all […]