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As of Tuesday 1st June we are again open for submissions.  We are looking for:-

  • Picture Books for 0-3s
  • Picture Books for 4-7s
  • Mid Grade Novellas for 8-11s
  • Young Adult Novels for 12-14+
  • Non-Fiction for Children of all ages

Read carefully below to follow instructions for our submissions process.

If you have a working children’s manuscript that you believe in, then we want to hear from you.

To start the process simply complete the form below. After submitting the form you will receive an email from our lovely submissions team. If we like your ideas we may enquire further and offer to represent you as your agent.

When submitting your documents please remember we want to read the first 3 chapters (for MG and YA books) and the the full manuscript for Picture Books of all ages.

Please strive to keep your synopsis to 500 words.

We want to get your work into the hands of appropriate and established publishers who can put your book into the market place. If this can’t be achieved we may also offer to publish the book ourselves through our small press. We will strive to reply to all submissions as early as we can but please allow at least 2 months for a response.

To get started, simply complete the submission form.

For more information on the various routes into publishing your book please scroll down this page and of course contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help so please don’t be shy.

    Publishing Routes

    If you are unsure of the various routes into publishing, then please read the guidance below. This will help inform your decisions.

    Get signed by an Agent

    Send your manuscript to an agent. They may sign you and offer to submit your book to publishers. There is no up front cost for this and will instead take a percentage of future royalties or author advances.


    So you have a book that you believe is amazing. To self-publish you also need to know your way around publishing, PR, social media, advertising, marketing, finance, investment, business planning, legal contracts etc. If you want to be a successful self-published author then you will need to become an expert in publishing and business, especially marketing, sales and PR. If that is not you then self-publishing is not a route you should go down.

    Traditional Publishers

    You can send direct to publishing houses. A general rule of thumb is that publishing houses do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, especially for unpublished authors. It is highly unlikely to get published through this route.

    Vanity Publishing

    This is a publishing house that will publish anything they get, for a fixed fee. Quality ranges, but if your only desire is to get a book in print then this is a good route, if you desire to be a successful author then this is not for you (this isn’t to diminish the value of Vanity Publishing, it is a great solution for those who just want to feel their own book in print, and that value in itself is enough for most people who put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard).


    This involves sharing the cost of publishing your book and as a consequence, sharing the royalties. For example, a publisher may draw up a contract based solely on percentage of costs e.g. 50/50. Or the publisher may cover certain aspects on the publishing process (cover design, proof reading etc) whilst the author covers marketing and promotion. Every arrangement is different and will depend on the various skillsets of the author.