So all the climate savers and green supporters are putting forward various ideas and schemes to “SAVE THE WORLD!”. I have no idea why, the world doesn’t need saving, and it certainly doesn’t need humans to help save it at any rate.

Now I have got you, how mad are you getting right now? Sounds like I am a climate change denier right? Well truth is I am not, I have worked alongside UK Government Departments like BEIS for many years on projects to decarbonise the UK domestic properties, during this time I have learnt a great deal, but achieved very little (all humans put together have so achieved very little in this area, so I am in decent company depending how you look at it).

The overriding feeling I was left with is that of total frustration. I could talk for hours and hours about problems with this and that and the other at minister and civil service level, but all those problems are all small beer in comparison with the real big problem, the elephant in the room (although pretty soon we won’t be able to use this phrase, as elephants will be extinct).

The problem is Capitalism.

So now some of you will be getting even madder than before, but before you get too hot under the collar, see how you feel by the end of this blog first before letting your set in stone hard wired world points of view skew your assessment of the full argument.


Why is it that the world isn’t in need of saving when that is one of the key messages from the green army?

There have been 5 mass extinction events throughout the course of the history of planet earth since cellular life first emerged 3.8 billion years ago.

The cause of these mass extinction events? Climate change! Before you start shouting at your screens about huge asteroid impacts killing the dinosaurs (although not all of them, we still have birds), I am not talking about what instigated the change in climate, I am talking purely about the fact that the change in climate has caused all mass extinction events.

The asteroid that struck the Gulf of Mexico 65m years ago did not wipe out all dinosaurs in one big cataclysmic event (boom, and the dinosaurs all fall down), it killed those close enough to the impact sure, but the actual extinction event was the result of the climate changing after the asteroid impact not the impact of the asteroid itself. Now we are in the 6th mass extinction event, instead of an asteroid instigating the process it’s humans who have tipped the balance towards mass extinction through the destruction and pollution of the natural world.

The net result of the climate change extinction event we have brought upon ourselves will be the extinction of the last species of Homo to walk (upright) upon this beautiful blue planet of ours (all of us).


It is likely in 100 + years Homo Sapiens will be far fewer in number than they are today as the world is engulfed in the climate wars to come. Humans fighting each other for earth’s resources, surely not (little peek at our history means we can clearly predict that humans will be fighting for the last scraps of earth until the very last of us flicker out of existence).

Then we will have the pandemics that will be out of control burning through populations like wild fires (when you destroy the natural world it will do what it can to survive, Aids, Ebola and Covid-19 are recent evidence of the natural world’s fightback to human encroachment).

And we mustn’t forget that a great portion of the world will be burning due to increased temperature, and a great portion of currently exposed land will be under water with sea level rises, and the remaining land will be a toxic smog of pollution, meaning it will be bloody difficult for humans to survive, and eventually over a few 100 years it will become impossible, and Homo will become no more.

But the world, this beautiful blue planet, she will go on just as it she for billions of years before Homo Sapiens. We will be nothing more than a blip on the timeline, a grain of sand lost in a desert of earth’s lifetime.

It’s very possible over millions of years that other intelligent sentient conscious beings will evolve, they will no doubt study the history of earth just as we have. Sadly they will not talk fondly of Homo Sapiens, I suspect they will talk of us as we talk of Neanderthals. They will say that Humans were stupid, so stupid that they didn’t even realise it, in fact they were so stupid they tricked themselves into believing they were clever and wise because they could build things.

But in truth humans couldn’t have been any further from clever or wise if they had tried (and they did try). Would a clever wise species willing destroy its home planet knowing full well that it would also cause their own destruction? That is the behaviour of the lemmings in the Amigo computer game, constantly working their way towards extinction unless helped by a higher being (the higher being being the controller of the computer).

So why can’t we snap out of it and stop killing ourselves? Why can’t we stop ourselves from driving towards the cliff edge? What is stopping us from living in harmony with planet earth and becoming wise and enlightened?




Oh dear you’re mad again (unless you’re a socialist that is), and I get it I truly do, you have been brought up to believe in the systems that underpin your very existence, how can you accept that they must now be destroyed?

How can you accept that they are failing? Change is always hard to accept no matter how small, but to change the whole system lock stock, wow that can’t be done, it shouldn’t be done.

For most people acceptance is impossible, just like an alcoholic most of the world has become reliant on the pints that Capitalism delivers. But change must happen if Homo Sapiens are to become wise enlightened beings.

I have had great success in the Capitalist system, so how can I say it’s the route of all evil. Well firstly it isn’t, evil that is, its just had its time (much like the dinosaurs). Capitalism (loads of different forms but I am talking generically as this isn’t a Harvard economic and political dissertation) has achieved a great deal in a few 100 years, it’s economic ideology has driven us into space, but, it has also driven us close to extinction.

Whilst we drive toward commercial gains we will never be able to focus on the bigger problems we face as a species. Capitalism will never solve world peace, denuclearisation, poverty, illness and diseases, and climate change. If it could have solved any of these problems then it would have done so already, there is more than enough money in the world to end child poverty, yet it’s as endemic as it ever has been.

Capitalism drives all the decisions that cause us to destroy our forests and oceans, and pollute our planet through the burning of fossil fuels, until Capitalism is replaced with a modern, wise, enlightened social and economic system, humans will continue to strive within the system of Capitalism, which results in more destruction of planet earth.


Capitalism can only survive through Consumerism, in its basic form that means for Capitalism to thrive it needs humans to consume as much as they can as quickly as they can. For Capitalism to succeed it needs Gross Domestic Product (which basically is the measurement of how much each person can produce, which kind of sounds like a measurement slave owner would use to me) to be growing. For GDP and economies to succeed in the Capitalist world it needs more stuff to be produced and sold and consumed. Capitalism cannot succeed in a world that is balanced, a world that is sustainable, Capitalism at its heart is a use once and throw away economic system.

A great many people are stuck in a velvet rut of Capitalism, enough people are given a standard of living that is good enough to prevent them from revolting against the system. It is a system the elite and establishment worked very hard to create 100s of years ago when they realised that the power of monarchy and heads of state couldn’t rule over destitute and poor people without suffering the consequences (thank you French revolution, not sure Capitalism is what you had in mind though). Unless those souls tracked in the Capitalist matrix break free they will be doomed to blindly follow the money all the way to the extinction exit sign.

Did you know that 60% of the worlds wealth is owned and controlled by 2,153 billionaires (mostly white men aged 50 +)? Just think of it, 7.8 billions humans in the world, and 2,153 of them own and control 60% of all the wealth. I’m not sure of the % but it probably looked like this: 0.00000000000000000000001 of humans own 60% of all wealth in the world, wow.

baby and mom during a coronavirus pandemic

They do not own and control this amount of wealth to do good for the other 7.8 billion humans (although some do some good, humans are a paradox, we are both good and bad at the same time), they own it mostly to achieve their own personal goals. These goals do not include changing the Capitalist system that they control, yes they will throw a few bones at us and soundbites like “I am investing in solar panels.” “I drive an electric car.” but that is nowhere near enough. The course of human history cannot change whilst it continues to pursue an economic and social ideology brought into existence by the elite and the establishment who sought a system that would enable enough peasants (99% of the rest of the 7.8 billion humans) to live well enough so as to not revolt against them/and it (it being the system of control called Capitalism).

If we are to save ourselves (don’t worry about planet earth she will do just fine, in fact she is already working on kicking us out of our home right now) then we must develop a new social and economic system that can bring humans into a new modern age.

An age where we work on the big problems we face as a species together instead of focussing on how much wealth and power we can accumulate for personal gain. We can prevent a climate change disaster, we can save ourselves, we can cure cancer, aids and other diseases and illnesses, we can rid ourselves of the scourge of poverty, we can provide all children with high quality education, we can power our societies with clean green energy, and we can travel to other planets that hold liquid water and atmospheres with oxygen to give our species a planet B so we are truly future proofed. But we can only do these things if we have an economic and social system that drives towards these targets. These targets are species targets, for the benefit of all Homo Sapiens.

Jake Pilkington

Jake has years of experience working with government bodies on decarbonisation.

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