We’ve all had that feeling, whether as children or adults.  January 2nd suddenly appears and the Christmas magic seems to disappear without a trace into the short grey, January days.  We cling onto the festive season for as long as we dare – trees and decorations can often be seen adorning properties well into February.  It is a time of new beginnings, that can soften the blow of getting ‘back to it’.  However there is always that gift that goes beyond the buzz and excitement of Christmas morning, and quite often people only indulge in these gifts beyond the festive season. Commonly, this gift is a book.   January is a time when a good book is more important than perhaps at any other time of the year.  It is a top tonic for treating the new year blues.  Being lost in another world or subject whilst the real daily grind goes on around us can be a crucial weapon in your armoury whilst you’re trying to find your feet in a new year.

Last year I remember looking forward to bed-time every night in January.  Bed-time was my time to relax in bed with my new book – The 12 Birds of Christmas by Stephen Moss.  Whilst this was non-fiction nature writing it still provided my need for daily escapism and this was that present that helped soften the blow of a new year.

Tik Robin and The Krismas Goblin is more than a book for the festive season, it’s a new fantastical world full of adventure, intrigue and will leave you full of questions.  You’ll read a chapter and be referring to the modest map, imagining the journey’s of Tik Robin and Kyfe Rabbit.  You’ll track the Goblins from their source to their ultimate destination.  Every chapter will enlighten you to the societies and mythologies of Tik’s world.  It is truly a book that will be the gift to soften the blow of the January blues, especially for those older children and teenagers who will return to school.  I recognise more than anyone how important school is, but because of this I also recognise how important the holidays are  – especially the Christmas holiday.  Those of us lucky enough to receive gifts will only ever explore them fully way into the new year and a book like Tik Robin will keep your imaginations oiled and your creative thinking at its peak as we march hopefully towards spring.

AP Sergeant

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